October 18, 2015 ~ 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Announcing “Formed”

There are lots of things to talk about, so I thought that I might dedicate the whole column to them. First of all, what I am most excited about is that Holy Ghost and St. Bridget’s have subscribed to something called Formed. It is pitched as “Catholic Netflix”. Through contributions from St. Bridget, the Knights of Columbus, and Holy Ghost, we are able to offer to you all free of charge access to a great deal of Catholic videos, movies, books online.

If you have attended any of the adult faith formation sessions, or one of the sacrament preparation meetings, then you have been exposed to some degree to Symbolon. Symbolon is available to you now also online. So if you are interested in knowing what we do on Wednesday nights, or if you are interested in catching up on one of the episodes that you missed, you can go on-line, register, and have access to all of the videos from the series as well as a whole bunch more.

You’ll have to go see what is all there, and maybe we will over the next few weeks, feature some of the items, but there are marriage enrichment videos, bible studies, Catholic movies, books, Bishop Barron’s Catholicism Series, and much more.

To get access to the content, you will have to register with your email address. In addition to giving you free access to Catholic media through Formed, this also allows us to see who has registered. This will be one way for us to see if it is worth the subscription.

Go to formed.org Scroll down to “For Individuals”, and in the box for the parish code enter: WPK4JB Click “Submit Code” Fill in the requested information in order to create a profile (this allows us to see who has registered and the value that we are getting from it) The next page is “purchase” or “subscription”, simply click “I’ve entered my parish code – take me to Formed”. The access is FREE for you. This would be one case where binge watching is encouraged.

Last week’s homily suggestion: In your prayer this week, ask the Lord “What must I do to inherit eternal life?”. End of Life issues / Advance Directives from a Catholic Perspective: I would like to draw attention to something that the Catholic Medical Association is offering for EVERYONE. Mass, dinner, and a talk on how to approach Advance Directives from a Catholic Perspective. If we haven’t thought of these things, questions about care at the end of life can be overwhelming. Unfortunately, the culture we live in is likely to pressure with nice-sounding words families into making comprising decisions. They don’t always consider life as possessing the same dignity as we believe it does. One way to be prepared is to be educated, and one way to be educated is to attend this event on November 5 at 5:30pm in Altoona. If you have named a power of attorney, or if you are a power of attorney for a loved one, this meeting would be especially beneficial to informing you. There is a $15 fee.  Please email mary.bliss@hshs.org or call Sharon at 715-835-1012 to register.