September 13, 2015 ~ 24th Sunday in Ordinary Time


It is not easy to discern what is good for us and so what will make us happy.  This alone might cause some unease at the water cooler. A notion that you and I are prone to make errors about what will make us happy is a result of the original sin of our first parents. Because of original sin, we have darkened intellects, weakened free wills, and concupiscence. That last one is just a fancy word for saying that what we actually are more likely to tend toward is precisely what will not make us happy.

There is plenty of unhappiness, frustration, and discontent around. At the root of our discontent, our unhappiness, ultimately is going to be sin – both the original sin of our first parents Adam and Eve and also our own personal sin or the effects of sin that we experience in our lives. Have you ever looked at the hatred spewed out in the Pope’s twitter feed, or really any twitter feed for that matter? Did you know that Brandon Bostick (the famous Tight End from last year’s Packer’s loss in the NFC Championship game) received death threats? Expanding our horizons from social media to the world at large, we notice so much going the way that it is not meant to go.

Or we can go the other direction and look at ourselves. Rather than looking out, we can look in. Why is it that we do not do the good that we want to do or know that we should do? In our more honest moments, we might realize how much help we need.

I think if we were talking to people at the water-cooler so to speak, the admission of societal sins and structures of sin are more easily admitted.  We can get people to agree that violence, war, aggression, hatred are not part of what is meant to be. We can also make the next step and say that sorry state of society is reflected also in our own hearts from time to time.  Whenever we act selfishly, without regard to the effects of our actions, or the way those actions effect our capacity to give of ourselves, whenever we judge our own way without heeding God’s hopes for us, we contribute to the way the world is not meant to be, and lead to our own frustration.

The good news is that there is hope.   Adult Faith Formation: We will have Adult Faith Formation starting on Wednesday, September 23 from 6:00 to 7:00 in the rectory. We will be going through a series called Symbolon and it will take us through the end of November. . The DVD lasts for about a half an hour and the other half hour will be informal discussion and Q&A. We will provide child-care should you need it, just let me know. 

Last week’s homily suggestion: The suggestion last week was to talk to someone about your faith, either someone who believes what you believe or someone who doesn’t.