Holy Ghost quarterly rectory cleaning ministry

MINISTRY LEAD:  Wanda Brooks -- 715-726-1223

MISSION:  With the rectory newly remodeled in 2017, we want to keep the rectory looking clean.


This ministry cleans the rectory every quarter --  January, April, July, October.  We do a spring cleaning, wash windows, sweep and wash floors, dust blinds, wipe down light fixtures, scrub bathrooms, clean all rooms, clean all areas of the rectory.  We clean from 9:00 a.m. to noon.  If we get enough volunteers, it might take two hours.  The more hands, the lighter the work load.

MINISTRY NEEDS:  Parishioners who can donate some time cleaning the rectory.

If you are interested in this ministry, contact Wanda.  Thanks in advance for your generous support to this ministry.